Brian Harris

Brian Harris


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All Things Morris

Trying to navigate through the waters swirling with the joys of life and the unbearable grief of loss inseparably. Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Be sure that I have experienced more than a world of sadness, especially in the last 6 months, but God has really been convicting me to not hold tightly to the strings of my emotions. Will you pray for me as I seek guidance from God? Numb, .

Isaiah 5911

The decision has been made. I just need to take a moment and share some frustration, but first, a little back story. Once upon a time, less than a year ago, I started running. Then I got inspired to run a half marathon. I completed it, and did it faster than I thought I could! The training was tough, but I made it through and accomplished a huge goal. Also, I fell back in love with running! I could run pain free! I just .

Through Eyes Of An Italian Heiress Loving Life, People, and Purpose

Through Eyes Of An Italian Heiress. Loving Life, People, and Purpose.


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Brian Harris


Brian Harris


This web page states the following, "Thursday, June 11, 2015." We saw that the webpage said " Do you ever miss Summer? For those of us who are no longer in school, summer isnt really that much different than the other 9 months of the year, is it? If you find yourself in that position, do you miss summer? Do you ever miss staying up late with no concern for what time the alarm will go off in the morning, or swimming until your eyes are so over-chlorinated that you see rainbows everywhere? To that end here are my Top 10 Family Summer Ideas." It also said " 10 Go on a family vacation."


Brian A. Hill

Thanks for dropping by Brian A. Hill! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed. Mdash; Leave a comment. The most basic astrological question pertaining to love and relationships is, What sign am I compatible with? I wish as an astrologer I could give a one word answer. By perusing the astrological charts of two people we can discern compatibilities on v.

Brian Ahola

A graphic designer currently working at Ashton Design. Works on projects involving identities, print, web design and EGD. Spends free time cooking and eating, wishing I was screenprinting, thinking and reading about social justice, drawing things, bicycling, listening to podcasts and music, learning new things, and playing ping pong.

bLiNk OnE eIgHtY tWo

Tom Delonge Guitar and Vocals. Mark Hoppus Bass and Vocals.

oneway highway headed west heaven bound were out of here like Vladamir

Oneway highway headed west heaven bound. So, on Thursday I won tickets to the Canada Day Stampeders football game! So my sister and I, and one of the guys from work and his friend went. It was super fun! The rain makes everything outside a little quieter, I wish some people inside would learn how to be quieter too. And stop trying to flirt with me. It was pretty rough! Indy overc.

Brian Aichlmayr

Pictures tell stories that words cannot.